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Please follow these simple steps to have your site listed on Spanking Menu:
1. Place a link to Spanking Menu on your site.
Please link to the main page url locate here:

Domestic Discipline sites can link directly to the Domestic Discipline directory if they choose:

Sites that do not have return links to other sites by design, tumbr picture blogs, and pages promoting spanking parties or events do not need to have a return link. For all other websites please link to us before sending your request.

2. Send an email to:


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3. Allow 24-48 hours for your site to be listed. It could be listed within a few minutes of receiving your email, but please wait before emailing to ask, as it is possible we could be away for the day.

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The main page and the specific category page.


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Note: Websites that basically look like a giant ad or consist primarly of affiliate links, affiliate pictures and affiliate content or exist for the sole purpose of advertising for pay sites, please do not submit your site to us. There is already enough spam sites out there and we do not wish to encourage this practice.
Please.. write a story, tell a joke, tell us how your day went. But don't just put up a bunch of affiliate links and pictures linking to various pay sites and call it a blog or website, because it isn't.